Online Appointment Request Form
for a Consultation regarding Mediation and/or Legal Advising with the intent of Preventing the initiation or continuance of Litigation

Consultations are by appointment only.   Appointments with Attorney Matney, M.S. Psychology, J.D., can be by Phone, video conference via Google Meet or Zoom, or in-person in her office in Rockville at 2275 Research Blvd., Suite 500, Rockville, MD 20850.

The cost for Individual Phone appointments regarding Mediation and/or legal advising to Prevent further Litigation is $275.00 an hour, billed in 5-minute increments.

For ease and convenience, individual Phone appointments are preferred.   Those wanting video or in-person appointments will be accommodated at the rate structure below.

Clients can keep their rate at the reduced rate of $275.00 an hour by having their meetings outside of Court or Deposition by Phone.   Attny. Matney's hourly rate for mediation and legal advising by Phone and for appearing in-person in Court or Deposition is $275.00 an hour.   The higher rates below are only for when clients request video or in-person meetings outside of Court or Deposition (when it is a luxury and not a necessity).

The cost for Video Conference appointments via Google Meet or Zoom appointments is $385.00 an hour billed in 5-minute increments.

There is no minimum charge for Phone appointments.   Clients will be charged the applicable hourly rate and if their phone appointment ends earlier than the hour, they will only be charged for the time Attny. Matney spent with them on the call, so if the call is ended before an hour, they will be charged less than an hour.

There is a minimum charge of $385.00 for all video conference appointments.

The hourly rate for all In Person appointments is $450.00 an hour.   There is a minimum charge of $450.00 for all In-Person appointments, so Clients will be charged the minimum amount of $450.00 even if they decide to leave before their hour of reserved time is over.   If Clients stay for longer than an hour, they will be charged the rate of $450.00 an hour in 5-minute increments.

Reservations are made by pre-authorizing credit cards for the cost of one hour, with the pre-authorizations not being turned into charges until after the time of the appointments.

There is no charge for canceling Phone appointments.   Phone appointments can be canceled any time without any charge.

There is a $450.00 charge for canceling In-Person appointments less than 24 hours ahead of time or for no-shows.

There is a $385.00 charge for canceling Video Conference appointments less than 24 hours ahead of time or for no-answers.

Clients whose situations are such that they may not be able to keep appointments are encouraged to make Phone appointments since there is no charge for canceling Phone appointments less than 24 hours ahead of time or for no-answers.

All cancelations must be done by sending a Reply e-mail to the e-mail sent confirming the appointment.

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The exact amount you are pre-authorizing at this time.   The pre-authorization on your card will not be charged until after your appointment.   A pre-authorization of $275.00 is required to reserve an individual Phone appointment; $385.00 to reserve a video conference via Google Meet or Zoom; and $450.00 to reserve an In-Person appointment.:

We accept MasterCard and Visa only (We do not accept American Express or anything other than Master Card or Visa).

Debit cards with MasterCard or Visa logos on them are usually OK.

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Electronic Signature -- Entering your name here shall serve as your electronic signature authorizing payment per the above terms. By signing here you are agreeing to pay for the appointment reserved and if you desire partial payment by the Other Party, you will seek that from that person directly without involving Attny. Matney.   By signing this Agreement, you are acknowledging that anything said in Mediation sessions is confidential and may not be repeated in Court and you are agreeing to refrain from ever asking Attny. Matney to appear as a Witness for you in any Court case in regard to anything that she may see or hear, or any notes she may take, in your mediation session.

Thank you.

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